mirocomachiko creatures are my mirror


- 2022.09.25.Sun.

mirocomachiko (1981-), who burst onto the publishing scene like a comet in the sky with her debut picture book, Okami Ga Tobu Hi, filled with images whose dynamic brushstrokes revealed her expansive imagination, has received awards for both picture book and literature at domestic and international levels. She is a picture book artist whose new works are always sought after. On the other hand, she also attracts attention as a painter as she freely draws living creatures and plants on large canvases, sometimes improvising live drawings in collaboration with musicians.

In the approximately ten years since her debut, mirocomachiko has built a reputation as a picture book artist as well as a painter who is not only appreciated by people of all ages and genders, but also respected by designers and other artists. The expressions she has been applying in recent years in particular have transformed from her original energetic and maverick images to ones with a touch of spiritual presence, giving a sense that her world is further expanding. Moving her life to Amami Oshima, a place with abundant nature; starting to live in an environment where time is felt to pass differently, and encountering the traditional dyeing culture of the place may have had a certain influence on this transformation.

This exhibition, pulled together under the theme “Who is mirocomachiko?”, aspires to highlight the unfathomable charm of the artist through her recent and new paintings, original drawings for picture books, book illustrations, and collaborative projects with other enterprises, as well as introducing her life in Amami Oshima and how she creates her art.