Community Development through the Art, as the Core Facility

Ichihara City is marking its 50th anniversary as a municipality this year, the city dares to promote tourism in the southern part, including to launch the “Nake-Boso International Art Festival ICHIHARA ART × MIX” as a major event next spring. Since the museum is located in the heart of the region, it aims to create a community hub which can gather both locals and visitors with various of backgrounds and encourage more communications.


The Oasis of the Metropolitan Area with Art, Food and Fun

Connecting by the newly opened “Ichihara Tsurumai I.C.” since April 2013, it is more convenient to go to the museum from the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Taking advantage of the beautiful view of the Lake Takataki, we hope our visitors can feel the charm of the natural environment of Ichihara as well as to have great fun and exotic cuisine.


A Brand New Museum Experience

We hope you will think it’s nice to go to Ichihara after your first visit! We are pleased to present unique and extraordinary exhibitions which are quick-witted sensations filled with the broadest of interesting explorations.