Notice: Gallery Talk by Eitaro Ogawa (STPI)

What is Print? Beyond the Border Gallery Talk by Eitaro Ogawa


Date and Time: 13 September (Sat) 13:00 -14:00

Venue: Exhibition Room 2, Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Speaker: Eitaro Ogawa (Project Leader, STPI)

Free of charge, admission ticket is required.


Eitaro Ogawa, Project Leader of Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), who will be visiting from Singapore, will introduce the mission of STPI as well as to share his experiences working with the exhibiting artists during their residencies follow by a guided-tour. Four renowned artists in spotlight, including Tianmiao Lin, Eko Nugroho, Ronald Ventura and Haegue Yang’s works in the exhibition are selected by STPI, which is an internationally renowned space in Singapore for conceptual developments in contemporary art practice in print and paper. STPI’s Creative Workshop offers a dynamic residency programme for leading artists from around the world to experiment and push the boundaries of artistic creation with alternative methods and materials. STPI’s critically acclaimed programme, gallery and exceptional workshop expertise make STPI one of the best international destinations for contemporary arts in Asia.


Eko Nugroho and STPI Project Leader  Eitaro Ogawa in STPI Artist Studio  Photo Courtesy of STPI

Eko Nugroho and STPI Project Leader Eitaro Ogawa in STPI Artist Studio
Photo Courtesy of STPI


Works to be introduced:

Eko Nugroho (Indonesia), Ronald Ventura (The Philippines), Haegue Yang (Korea), Lin Tianmiao (China)


■ Access

It is convenient to come by the Expressway Bus from Tokyo.

12:15 Departs from Tokyo Station/ Yuasu Exit Bus Stop No.2/ Katsuura (勝浦) Line

13:19 Get off at Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminus (市原鶴舞バスターミナル)

* You may either transfer by Taxi (about 5 min.) or take the following local bus.

13:40 Departs from Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminus bound for Satomi Sta. (里見駅) 13:48 Get off at Ichihara Lakeside Museum (市原湖畔美術館)


※ For details on transportation, please refer to the access page on our website