Access Guide of Ichihara Art Mix

-ICHIHARA Art×Mix Admission Passport –

The ICHIHARA Art×Mix Admission Passport, (\3,800) provides admission to all artworks as well as offers one day of unlimited rides on Kominato Railway and shuttle buses connecting major transportation hubs and art sites. (The admission passports are valid for one visit on each artwork; pass holders can enjoy half-price admission for second entry of different art sties). You may purchase an additional one-day transportation pass at \1,000 (JHS students or above) and \500 (ES students) with your admission passport for your next visit.

– Access Information –

It takes around 1~1.5 hour by trains or buses between Tokyo or Yokohama and Ichihara. It is just 40 minutes ride by car to get into Ichihara via the Aqua-Line from both cities. Luminous buses can also be convenient if you come from Tokyo Station, Yokohama Station, and Haneda Airport.

Suggested Routes are linked below
【By Train 】

From Tokyo Station (東京駅)to Goi Station (五井駅)
Tokyo Station – Goi Station (appx. 40 min. by Limited Express Train, 60 min. by Rapid Train) – Kazusa Ushiku Station (appx. 30 min.)

Tokyo St. ⇒(JR Keiyo Line) Soga St. ⇒(JR Uchibo Line)Goi St. [PASSPORT AVAILABLE HERE]⇒(Kominato Rail Way)Kazusa-Ushiku St. [INFORMATION CENTER HERE]

【By Bus 】
Bound for Ichihara Tsumari Bus Terminus (市原鶴舞BT)
* After get off at Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminal, please transfer to the Festival Shuttle Buses bound for different art sites.

Tokyo St. ⇒ [about 1 hour] Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminal (市原鶴舞バスターミナル)
Yokohama St. ⇒[30min.] Haneda Airport⇒[50min.]Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminal(市原鶴舞バスターミナル)

【By Car 】
From Tokyo or Yokohama
1. Ichikawa IC… via Keiyo Road/ Tateyama Expressway (Appr. 35 min.)… Ichihara IC… bound for different art sites.
2. Wangan Ichikawa IC…via Higashi-kanto Expressway/ Keiyo Road/ Tateyama Expressway (Appro. 30 min.) … Ichihara IC… bound for different art sites
3. Ukishima IC… via Tokyo Aqua Line/ Ken-O Expressway (Appr. 20 min.)… Ichihara Tsurumai IC…bound for different art sites.
4. Ukishima IC… via Tokyo Aqua Line/ Ken-O Expressway (Appr. 20 min.) … Kisarazu IC…bound for different art sites.

[SUGGESTED ROUTES] Please click the link
Suggested Route 1: See the YUBIWA Hotel Performance/ come by your own car
Suggested Route 2:Come by Highway-bus from Tokyo or Yokohama